Main Yun Jung Do Training Hall

Not many martial arts organisations can boast a World Headquarters. Certainly not to the grand scale of Yun Jung Do's World Headquarters completed in April of 1992 in Queensland, Australia.

With more than ten years in the planning, the 3 Million dollar complex proudly stands as the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

For Grandmaster Yun and his students, the complex is the final realisation of a dream - a dream to have a World Headquarters that would centre as the heart of growth for his art and the organisation of Yun Jung Do. A venue that would ultimately serve as a forum for practitioners of all martial art disciplines to congregate and learn from each other.

The complex is certainly impressive. Its 'do jang' (training hall) is designed to cater for up to 200 students at a time as well as the hundreds of students that visit the complex from around the globe for its regular seminars and conferences personally conducted by Grandmaster Yun.