A Man of Inspiration and Determination

Grandmaster Young Ku Yun is a name that is synonymous with dedication, determination and success. His reputation for excellence has been painstakingly built over a lifetime of extraordinary effort.

Yun first began Tae Kwon Do studies in 1953 at the age of twelve. Later in 1964 while in the Korean Army he was offered the opportunity to open his first Tae Kwon Do school. From there his martial arts career began

In the next twenty years from 1966 to 1986 Grandmaster Yun single-handedly established Tae Kwon Do school on behalf of the International Tae Kwon Do Federation (ITF) throughout the world.

During his service with the International Tae Kwon Do Federation (ITF) Grandmaster Yun was elected as:

  • Chairman of the Techniques Committees;
  • Chairman of the Merging Committee;
  • Chairman of the Expansion Committee;
  • Executive Member of the Board of Directors

  • In 1987 after twenty-two years of loyal service to Tae Kwon Do and the ITF, Grandmaster Yun officially resigned from the organisation to pursue his dream of perfecting a martial art that met the needs of both today's and tomorrow’s practitioners.

    Believing present martial artists styles to be outdated and impractical, Grandmaster Yun sought to develop a style that was logical, effective, free of political interference and most importantly retained the true philosophical aspects of an authentic art.

    "Having a great aim in life is important. So is knowing when to pull the trigger"