The Future Direction of Yun Jung Do

As the founder of Yun Jung Do, it gives me great pleasure to see the many thousands of students throughout the world enjoying the benefits of Yun Jung Do.

Certainly, it is my fervent hope that into the next millennium, many more will come to experience the benefits of Yun Jung Do and share in our pledge to build a world of peace and harmony.

We all have so much to contribute individually. Only by each of us lighting our own candles, can we create enough light for others to benefit from its warmth and strength.

As an art form there is no doubt that Yun Jung Do excels in meeting the needs of today's practitioners. Through Yum Jung Do an exciting vision for the future has been created.

As people from around the globe join to enjoy its numerous benefits Jun Yung Do will continue to grow and forge new directions as the Human Art of the future

I look forward to sharing a wonderful future with you.

Yours in Yun Jung Do, In pursuit of perfection,

Grandmaster Young Ku Yun, J.P. Founder and Principal of Yun Jung Do International.