The Philosophy of Yun Jung Do

“The Love, Care and Protection for All Living Things”

Yun Jung Do is the art of self-cultivation. Its philosophy is based on the love, care, and protection of all living things and its ultimate aim is one of self-enlightenment. The goal of Yun Jung Do is to find the inspiration and the motivation to achieve the ultimate victory of self-perfection. Only through the refinement of one's spirit and determination, can the battle for inner peace and harmony be won.

Through an understanding of the art and its philosophy, a Yun Jung Do practitioner is constantly challenged to expand their horizons. In both knowledge and practice, ethical and moral standards of the practitioner are cultivated. A Yun Jung Do student is not only expected to understand, but live by the five virtues of humanity, justice, courtesy, wisdom and trust. Through perseverance, dedication, and practice, Yun Jung Do can provide students with the means of achieving greater fulfillment in their lives. It is based on self-discovery, and the challenge lies in the pursuit of self-perfection.

However, in understanding the purpose of Yun Jung Do, one should realise that the ultimate victory of self-perfection is not as important as our development in striving for this goal. What we learn, how we grow, who we become as a person in the process, is the key to discovering the purpose and direction of our lives. Only through an understanding of our goals, our limitations, our potential, and ourselves can we hope to add meaning to our lives and those of others.

The goal to build a world of peace and harmony begins first with the goal to improve ourselves. We all have much to contribute individually and it is only by lighting our own candles that we can together create enough light for others to benefit from our strength and warmth. With this goal in our hearts there can be no doubt that Yun Jung Do will continue to grow and play a significant role in the betterment of humankind.