Yun Jung Do Adult Programs

New way to get fit, feel confident and motivated Without getting hurt...

Unlike most programs offered today, enroll in our classes and you wont be hit, thrown, kicked or hurt. Instead, with our unique NON-CONTACT and NON-COMPETIVE approach, you'll learn useful, practical self-defense skills against yourself.

Feel the difference right away!

Whether your are seven or seventy, male or female, you'll enjoy our special beginners classes. Most importantly, you'll see surprising results with very little time required each week. As well as increasing your fitness, other physiological benefits include; reductions in body fat, improved stamina & endurance, increased energy levels and proven reductions in stress.

With Yun Jung Do you don't have to be fit to begin. You don't have to be well coordinated or 'sport' - all you need is the desire to learn. Improve your daily life with a complete workout.